3 Ways to Give You the Advantage Over Other Roofers

Make it Easier for Customers to Choose You

If you truly care about your business and the roofing industry in general, it’s up to you to help your clients find and choose you. Being honest, up front and kind can provide improved sales results but not as often as you might hope.

Doesn’t it seem like anyone can call themselves a roofer these days? Your reputation is being watered down by other roofers who are any combination of unprofessional, inexperienced, and unreliable. Your clients don’t know the difference between you – the hard-working, quality focused roofer – and the next guy, who might be more concerned with making a day’s wage than doing a great job.

What must you show potential customers?

Credibility, credibility, credibility. We touched on this in the prelude to this blog called, Get a Marketing Edge Over Other Restoration Contractors by Adding this One Thing – and can’t say it enough.

Credibility makes it easy for your clients to choose you and sensible for your clients to invest in better work.

No homeowner wants to pick the wrong roofer for the job just to have their job abandoned halfway through. Yet these things happen all the time and contribute to the reason why homeowners are so skeptical in choosing a service provider.

Remove skepticism with a few small steps

When you run a business, time is money. And when it comes to marketing, your efforts should help you, not distract you. Here are three easy ways you can take to help homeowners identify you as the right choice for their roofing project.

-Join your local Chamber

Show your community pride by aligning yourself with the best Chambers located in your service area. Then make sure show their seal of approval on all area-specific collateral. Doing so will bring you closer to the community you serve, which in turn increases your accountability and pride in your work.

When locals know you care about your local reputation they are more likely to trust your dedication to good work.

-Join a roofing association

Connecting with other roofers will help you to see what successful roofers are doing, and how you can emulate or improvise on their successes. Not to mention a strong association will provide you with a seal to add to your marketing pieces, website, etc… This goes a long way with homeowners and can visibly elevate your brand among that of your competition.

-Obtain advanced training certifications

There’s a big difference between a roofer who gets the job done and a roofer who is constantly seeking ways to get the job done better. An advanced certification establishes you as a leader and tells everyone, especially homeowners, that you take your work seriously.

Here are three advanced certifications we recommend for roofing contractors:

Investment vs. Expense

Keep in mind that your customers need your skills and credentials to be glaringly apparent as they are completely focused on cost. Help them to see their roofing project less as an expense, and more as an investment. Help them to not shop just the best price by directing them to the value you bring! Being able to explain and exemplify the difference between the two will help you to book new business and establish a customer-base that values your work.

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