Aftermath Commits to Children’s Cancer Non-Profit, Beat Nb

Aftermath Commits Portion of Every Estimate to Children’s Cancer Non-Profit, Beat Nb

TAMPA BAY (November 28, 2017) – Aftermath Estimating, a fast-growing Xactimate estimate and supplementing provider to restoration contractors nationwide, is committing $5 per estimate to Beat Nb, a non-profit group dedicated to funding neuroblastoma research and raising awareness of the common childhood cancer.

Aftermath Commits to Children’s Cancer Non-Profit, Beat Nb

Aftermath CEO, Jonah Story, has a long-running relationship with Beat Nb executive director, Kyle Matthews. In 2014, Story met Matthews, then-founder of Because of Ezra, at a networking event in Tampa. Matthews had lost his son, Ezra, to neuroblastoma, and started a grassroots organization to seek viable treatments and, ultimately, a cure for the disease. After hearing the Matthews’ story and reflecting on the immense grief they suffered in losing their 14-month-old son, Story was inspired to help.

Beat Nb is the product of a merger between several organizations across the U.S., and has raised more than $6 million for research while working closely with doctors, researchers, families and advocates worldwide. They helped to found, and have helped fund the growth, of a consortium of research institutions called Beat Childhood Cancer, now in 45+ locations worldwide. This research, led by Dr Giselle Sholler, is having a tangible effect on how childhood cancer is treated.

“Neuroblastoma is a devastating form of cancer that takes children’s lives,” Story said. “I couldn’t help but take Ezra’s story to heart and find a way to align Aftermath Estimating with Beat Nb’s mission. I have six children and would do anything for them. I can hardly imagine the pain and heartache these families go through but I’m confident they are doing everything they can to beat the disease. This is one small way we can join them in the fight.”

Neuroblastoma, a tumor that typically affects children under age 5, currently has survival rates of less than 60 percent with standard chemotherapy, and a relapse rate of roughly 50 percent. After a relapse, the survival rate drops into single digit percentiles, with no curative treatment. There are more than 650 cases of neuroblastoma in the U.S. each year.

“We are extremely grateful for Aftermath’s ongoing donations,” Matthews said. “We know they are a busy estimating company. For them to give a portion of every single estimate to Beat Nb is a reminder that one day, with similar generosity among all our gracious supporters, we will indeed beat neuroblastoma and find a cure.”

To learn more about Beat Nb and read the stories of families who have been affected by neuroblastoma, visit

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