Aftermath Positioned to Become a Leading Provider in Commercial Supplementing

TAMPA BAY (January 4, 2018) – Aftermath Estimating, a fast-growing Xactimate estimate and supplementing provider to restoration contractors nationwide, is further expanding into the commercial industry, the company’s CEO, Jonah Story, announced.

“We have identified another opportunity to spark positive change in our industry,” Story said. “With reliable, cost-effective commercial estimating and supplementing services through Aftermath, commercial and residential contractors can grow their businesses by accepting commercial jobs they might not otherwise have the means or support to pursue. We’re really excited about this.”

Aftermath currently serves the industry as an experienced provider of commercial estimating and supplementing, however, they are making moves to fortify their position among the industry’s top service providers.

Their growth in commercial estimating and supplementing is coupled with extraordinary success on the residential side. In a sampling of 108 consecutive supplements, Aftermath clients saw an average net profit earnings increase of $3,900-plus dollars per deal, with an average approval turnaround time of just 22 days.

Thanks to its proven processes and experienced team, Aftermath will continue delivering the same top quality and customer experience in the commercial sector that helped the company burst onto the residential scene and accomplish such impressive results.

“What we’re bringing to the table is rare,” Story said. “It’s difficult to find a provider who can estimate and supplement commercial jobs quickly, effectively and simultaneously. Aftermath is ready and positioned to fill this void.”

While other commercial estimating and supplementing providers struggle with high overhead that prohibits competitive pricing, Aftermath’s efficiency allows for fees under 1 percent, without sacrificing service, timeliness or quality assurance. Each client is even assigned a dedicated customer success manager and live chat channel for top-notch reporting and communication.

“We are continuing to push the envelope,” Story said. “Both for the success of our customers and the wellbeing of families and businesses grappling with disaster recovery.”

Throughout 2018, Aftermath will be building and providing resources, tools and commercial-focused educational content for new and experienced restoration contractors.


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Aftermath is a partner to restoration contractors providing Xactimate estimates, supplementing and customer success resources. Established in 2017, Aftermath has quickly risen to the industry’s A-list thanks to its professionalism, integrity and commitment to quality. To learn more, visit

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