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We are ready to kick off our relationship by offering you a free insurance estimate review – or a few if you want. Simply provide us with an insurance estimate from one of your most recent contracts and we’ll have our team find the missing money. Once through our internal process we’ll send it back to you with the approximate amount of money missing from the estimate including the fee for having us finish it. Sound great? Don’t delay, send today!

What You Can Expect:

  • 24 Hour Turnaround
  • Learn the Amount of Missing Money (Before O&P)
  • An Opportunity to Build Trust
  • 100% Free

An Industry in Need of Simplifying

Everything we do is built on solving problems and keeping things super simple for our customer. The Restoration Industry is flooded with estimating providers who are struggling, and often over complicating, how to add value as a partner. The wide spectrum of estimating professionals with antiquated processes, or overly robust offerings, is in desperate need of a renewed and lightened approach. Everything from our process to our communications stems from what is reasonable and makes sense.

Allow Aftermath the opportunity to provide you with a free insurance estimate review. Why wait? It’s free!


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We started with a free estimate review offered by Aftermath and now use them for everything.

Jeremy Walls
Claim Management Adjusters

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