A Marketing Edge Over Other Restoration Contractors

One Core Improvement to Directly Impact Your Sales

Competition in the restoration industry is fierce. Whether you have had your restoration business for 30 years or are just getting started, you have likely grappled with the challenge of setting your business apart from all of the other general contractors out there. You have the skills, equipment, and motivation. Now you just need a marketing edge that helps customers notice you, trust you, and hire you.


Make sure your credibility is visible

Want to get ahead in your advertising across all channels, while also extending your “word of mouth” reach? It all starts with building your credibility.

This is the surest way to land projects in an industry that is flooded with contractors who don’t possess the drive or work ethic that you have.

Remember that any potential client will usually be receptive to an extra nudge or stamp of approval that helps them figure out who they should trust with their home and their money. Ultimately, credibility can mean the difference between landing and losing a job. If one of your competitors has gone the extra mile to build their credibility, they don’t necessarily need to “outbid” you in order to win a client’s trust.


Your client has a problem and it’s not just their project

Your clients can’t tell one general contractor from another, and the average homeowner can’t normally tell good work from bad work. They have no way of measuring experience or quality; chances are they are simply basing their choice on cost. This is a whole separate problem aside from their project needing to be attended to. Homeowners don’t know how to recognize a company that is committed to quality.

Before you can solve their restoration problems, you need to help them understand what quality means.

For example, as it stands, are you able to describe in simple words what defines a quality roof? It’s more difficult than you would expect, isn’t it? Credibility goes hand in hand with quality.


How can you gain credibility?

Credibility is your best and most accessible marketing tool. Building credibility is just as important as building a quality roof. Now the question is: how can you build your credibility? It’s not something that you can wish and hope for, nor is it something that comes by default with pure experience. Learn how to increase credibility by reading 3 Ways to Give You the Advantage Over Other Roofers.

Jonah Story

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