The Results of 108 Supplements

It’s one thing to say you’re in the business of helping restoration contractors secure better estimates, supplements and bottom-lines. It’s another thing to show the tangible results of that mission.

We recently reviewed 108 consecutive supplements for our restoration contractor clients across the U.S, and the results were exceptional:

→ Average net profit earnings per deal: $3,900+

→ Average turnaround time to obtain approval: 22 days

This means we’ve literally helped every single contractor impacted by these results add thousands of dollars to their bottom-line within a few weeks time. To put this number in the context of our competition, we have not seen any comparable company publish more than a $2,900 average net increase per supplement for their own clients. We haven’t seen a turnaround better than our average of 22 days either. We are tooting our own horn a bit but we’re proud of these results and our clients are, too!


Behind the Numbers

Within these 108 supplements are several restoration contractors who were impacted, so let’s take a look at a couple mini-case studies to drill down deeper:

Company 1: Roofer, Midwest

  • Jobs: 18
  • Topline increase: $4,425
  • Bottom-line increase: $3,838
  • Net profit increase: $69,084

Company 2: Roofer, Texas

  • Jobs: 11
  • Topline increase: $5,642
  • Bottom-line increase: $4,721
  • Net profit increase: $51,931

Successful But Not Satisfied

Even with an average net earnings increase of $3,900 per supplement and significant distance between our results and those of our competitors, we are continuing to push for improvements. One way we will accomplish this in 2018 is by providing more training and tools to our clients surrounding the Damage Assessment and documentation process they execute in the field at the beginning of the journey. We know if we secure a better upfront scope we will positively impact the performance of our supplementing efforts and thus hike the bottom-line net profits of our clients. Our entire team are working with our clients, both new and old, to execute this at no additional cost.

Find out why a damage assessment is so important.

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